Have you laughed today?



The time is near! Thy Kingdom Has Come International Ministries will be hosting their annual youth conference starting this week, Thursday August 8-11!  Join TKHC for workshops, concert, scholarship award, school supply give-a-ways and much, much more! For more information, email c_goggins@yahoo.com or visit www.tkhcministries.com!


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Have You Laughed Today?

Are You a Disney Animated Movie Fan? Then You’ll Love This!


Do You Know of A College Bound Youth?


The Nathaniel L. Simmons Scholarship Foundation, in association with Thy Kingdom Has Come International Ministries, is gearing up for the 2013 scholarship season! If you know of a graduating high school senior in the Atlanta metro area, click here to download an application.

If your interested in donating to the foundation, email your inquiry to nlsfoundation@gmail.com

Picture source: http://specialedpost.com/2012/10/26/great-scholarships-for-students-with-learning-disabilities/

Have You Laughed Today?

What if you were working the drive through when this happened? What would you have done?

Have You Laughed Today

This is an older video but it’s still just as cute and funny 🙂

Seven Foundations to Better Health- Foundation Four: Exercise

Like water, when our bodies are stagnant, they become a breeding ground for disease. It’s time to stir the waters of your life again and begin exercising. Exercise refreshes your body, renews your energy, and gives you strength. Your body was designed to move. It needs water, rest, food and exercise to run smoothly. When you “park” yourself in a chair and don’t exercise, eventually you may ruin your engine. Many people are sick these days because they haven’t stirred their waters with movement and action. They have become cesspools of disease due to stagnation. Soon they will get to the point where they can’t exercise because their bodies are so broken down with heart disease, arthritis, and other stagnation.

Some or benefits of exercise:

Exercise prevents cancer. Simple movement and exercise decrease the risk of certain cancers such as breast, colon, and possibly endometrial and prostate cancers. Bottom line: exercise goes a long way in preventing cancer.

Exercise prevents heart attacks and heart disease. Ironically, exercise rests the heart. The reason is that an inactive person’s heart works much harder than an active person’s heart. How? Two ways- an active person’s heart usually beats 80 times or more per minute because it is unconditioned and less efficient. That’s like putting 33 percent more miles on your car every time you drive it. The only time your heart feeds itself with oxygen is between beats. The longer the pause from beat to beat, the more blood flows through the coronary arteries to nourish the heart. Regular exercise eventually enlarges the coronary arteries, improving blood flow. As the heart grows stronger, it beats fewer times, meaning the heart is more at rest.

Exercise improves lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system removes toxins and cellular waste, and it keeps the peace by rounding up bacteria, viruses, and other bad guys, bringing them to the lymph nodes where they are killed  by white blood cells. Lymph fluid is so important that your body contains about three times more lymph than blood, but the lymphatic system has a challenge: it is circulated by muscle contraction, not by your heartbeat. When you don’t move, the lymphatic system become sluggish.

Exercise lowers, stress, promotes weight loss and decreases appetite. It may even help prevent diabetes and help control blood sugar in diabetics, exercise increases perspiration sweating is one of the body’s ways of getting rid of waste products, exercise builds strong bones, research shows that exercise works better than calcium in building strong bones, exercise reduces depression, exercise gives you restful sleep make sure you work out within three hours before bedtime, exercise helps prevent colds and flu, exercise increases lung capacity, exercise improves memory retention and reaction time, exercise increases your energy level.

Some good exercises for the body are brisk walking. It’s one of the best and it’s virtually free. It can give you three times the normal amount of oxygen you would otherwise get. Buy a good pair of walking shoes and walk slow enough so that you can talk, but walk fast enough so that you can’t sing. Window shopping doesn’t count.

Please stay away from busy highways. Those pollutants go into every cell of your body, and it’s difficult to get rid of some of them. Other forms of good aerobic exercises include: jogging, cycling, rowing, elliptical machine or glider, aerobic dance routines, stair stepping, skating, swimming, basketball, racquetball and zumba. Working with weights, calisthenics, stretching and palates are also good. Building an exercise program into your schedule doesn’t have to be boring; it can be as fun as you make it. Find exercises that you enjoy doing.

Look for opportunities throughout the day to fit it in. Be creative and innovative with your exercise routine like parking your car in the space furthest away from the door to the store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and so on. Set goals for the type of exercise you will be doing and how often. Start slow, but gradually increase your activity to a level that’s right for you. So get your sweat on!!!

Stop by next week for Foundation 5 Detoxification

Carolyn Williams, Licensed Esthetician


How Should Believers Adapt to Halloween?

Rethinking Our Response To Halloween

By Duke Taber

As reported by the Christian Post:



As you know, Halloween will be here in a couple of weeks. I am not a big fan of Halloween and I have always wrestled with finding balance in our culture concerning this holiday. There are those that totally ignore the spiritual significance of this holiday and there are others that just react out of fear as well. I do not believe in ignoring or reacting. I believe in engaging.

In the past the churches that I pastored provided an alternative called a harvest party. They were fun and at least they got us parent’s off the hook with our kids concerning not engaging in a pagan ritual but they really did nothing to engage the culture that we live in. Nothing has changed. It was still just a way to offer an alternative, but not a way to actually use the holiday as an opportunity to share a different way of life with the ones that were celebrating the holiday.

Ways Christians Have Attempted To Use Halloween In The Past.

Just off the top of my head I can think of a couple of ways that Christians have used Halloween to try to spread the gospel in the past.

  • The first one is what I call the “Shouting at the top of their lungs approach”. This method is used every Halloween from pulpits and other forms of media where they decry the evil’s of Halloween. Let nobody misunderstand. Halloween is the celebration of paganism. Paganism is sin. It is not only sin but it is destructive. The issue is not whether or not Halloween is bad, but how to engage those that are celebrating paganism, usually without giving much thought to it. Shouting at the top of your lungs that it is evil is no more going to change our culture than shouting at the top of your lungs is going to get somebody to buy a new car or the latest and greatest gadget. It is a flawed method.

Read more here  http://blogs.christianpost.com/smallpreacher-biggod/rethinking-our-response-to-halloween-12770/