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Yielding leads to discovery

Finding yourself isn’t the hard part about life’s journey. It’s allowing yourself  to be discovered that renders a challenge. We’re free to take the measures we deem necessary for self discovery but the problem with that is that our resources are limited. Searching on your own leads to dependency on your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5), your own logic and your own tools. We dig, we prod, and we experiment but often times then not, we get results that we’ve settled upon; results that don’t quite fit us or results that lead us to more searching. Some of us spend a lifetime searching and sadly that equates to a life of wasted time.

Freedom is wonderful concept. We’re free to live where we want, eat what we want, buy what we want. We don’t need permission to stay out after midnight and for the most part, within reasonable bounds, we’re free to live our lives how we choose. But…that’s also where freedom becomes a concept, an idea of are we really free? The Bible tells us that man makes  many plans regarding his life but the Lord is who directs him and makes them true (Proverbs 16:9). So in layman’s terms, we can spend hours, weeks or even years planning and orchestrating our next moves in life but the Word tells us that God’s will for our lives is the only thing that will prevail. So again, we’re free but our freedom comes with a lease.

Fighting against God’s will with your own is a lost battle from its start. However, yielding to God’s will is the start to discovering what He’s already prepared for your life. Man’s will is dangerous when left on it’s own but yieresentment-depressionlding to God’s will always lead us to peace,welfare and hope in our expected end (Jeremiah 29:11). 

The desire to yield stems from pressure to seek results. You normally don’t wave your white flag until you’ve exhausted all your other options. Yet a surrendered will, will produce a harvest. Those desires that are lined up to what God has planned for you will begin to manifest. Your yielding will allow you to discover who you are in Him. It will give you the confidence to declare, not my will Lord, but yours alone . Yielding to God will reassure you of the purpose He designed you for.

The Great Exchange: Entertainment or Your Soul?

I agree that the world would be far less creative and expressive without the entertainment or the industry itself. I suppose our leisure time would be taken up by more productive activities like learning a new language or volunteering instead of buying tickets to a Jay-Z concert or waiting in endless lines at the movie theater to see the next franchise installment.

Yes, entertainment and being entertained by certain individuals or activities is good but when and where do we draw the line in the Christian faith? We’ve slowly inched secular notes into holy sanctuaries. We’ve subtly condoned tighter and tighter garments for our Sunday wardrobe. In some ministries, they’ve even elevated and coveted “good singing” over the Word of God being preached on Sunday. Isn’t it amazing that nowadays we have churches filled with vessels of talent but not power? They don’t have power to cast out demons and lay hands on the sick and they shall recover in Jesus’ name but at least they can put on a good gospel concert! Would we really rather be entertained in exchange for our souls? Concert-Tours

The days have long since passed when the saints of God gathered together on one accord: to glorify God. Now too may Sunday mornings are occupied by members judging who wore it best, the latest gossip on the pew or even worse a love connection that doesn’t involve Jesus. Church has been conformed into a club or social gathering. As a whole, we haven’t forsaken meeting together (Hebrews 10:25) as an assembly but I think in many ways we’ve neglected our purpose for meeting together as one which is to honor, and worship the King of Kings.

I recently visited a church that proves the point of this piece. I was only there briefly but I was disappointed by the little time I spent there. I went out on a Saturday night in support of an up and coming Gospel artist so of course I knew it was a service mainly dedicated to display the music. However it was still church. The songs were still about Jesus and as usual during a church service, prayer went forth. Only, not too many people seemed interested in intercessory prayer. Some even seemed bothered by it, uncomfortable even, to have their gathering of music open up with prayer. Their thoughts were almost visible as if to say “I’m feeling more so convicted than entertained”.

So how do we get back to the old way? For starters, we can stop compromising. Jesus didn’t have to sell the gospel to people. It’s a winning product all on its own. As Christians, we don’t have do what the world does to bring others to Christ. Peculiar people (1 Peter 2:9) should have other people being influenced by them, not the other way around. Second, we can do away with ulterior motives. For example, the praise and worship leader could not be promoting his own music during service or a choir member could stop trying to get discovered from the pulpit.

Amen, amen and amen.

-Emerald Green


Picture source: http://blog.eventmarketerpro.com/what-you-should-get-from-concert-promoters-in-los-angeles/

Do You Have Plans This Valentine’s Day Weekend?

Pastors Thomas and Teresa Goggins of Thy Kingdom Has Come International Ministries, have been married for 25 years and have devoted a ministry specifically designed to “build marriages that last”. Their annual “Love Feast” relationship workshop, is dedicated to teaching married couples the secrets to longevity in relationships, in  addition to teaching those who wish to marry some day, how to prepare for their future spouse.

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TKHC Wants to Bless You!

It’s the season of thanksgiving but as believers in Christ, we know to find thanks in everything for every day of our lives. November is just getting started but we all know that turkey day will be hear before you know it. While many of us have already begun planning our dinner menus, there are many individuals who won’t be able to enjoy the hearty feasts that the majority of us will be partaking in in just a few short weeks.9919

TKHC takes this into consideration every year with their annual turkey dinner give-a-ways! TKHC will be sponsoring families in need this season by providing them with a a turkey and sides to enjoy this Thanksgiving. If you know of a family in need in the Atlanta metro area, please email us at tkhcintlministires@yahoo.com with their contact information.

TKHC will be accepting inquires for Thanksgiving dinners until November 22, 2013.


“In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive” -Acts 20:35

Have You Laughed Today?

Whatever your political preference is, we think actress Kerry Washington did a superb job on last week’s Saturday Night Live! Watch a clip of her performance below.

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Have You Laughed Today?

Every minister has their own style when it comes to delivering the Word. Which one of these applies best to your pastor or ministers at your church? Remember, it’s all in good fun 😉

Spiritual Warfare Conference 2013



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Check Out Co-Pastor Goggins on AskDrO!

Dr. Dwight A. Owens of Atlanta Georgia, mentions Co-Pastor Goggins in his mental health and relationship blog entitled, AskDrO! Read his article and watch the video of Co-Pastor Teresa Goggins here!